The Vampire Kingdom by Domingo
The Vampire Kingdom (Scream #4, Feb. 1974)

Domingo Álvarez, who signs with his first name, is a painter whose work can be found within individual collections all over the world but he had a previous career as an illustrator and comic artist. Born in Barcelona, he did his regular studies and took evening classes in a private Art School. At the age of fifteen he started working in the field of illustration.

As comic artist he did agency work for Great Britain. This consisted of war and romance stories which were featured in Fleetway and DC Thomson magazines like Marilyn, Valentine, Roxy, Mirabelle and Commando, most of them in the 1960s. He also contributed a few horror stories to US magazines Psycho, Nightmare and Scream, published by Skywald in the first half of the 1970s.

Domingo started working in the field of Gallery Painting after 1974, taking advantage of his previous experience doing cover and interior illustration for books and magazines in Great Britain and Scandinavia.

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