Liberta o Morte, by Franco Donatelli

Since his early childhood, Franco Donatelli spent most of his time drawing. Through a friend of the family, he joined Gian Luigi Bonelli's Audace publishers. He started out assisting Mario Faustinelli on 'Furio Almirante'. The work didn't pay good, so Donatelli took on a jobs as a banker and advertising man on the side. Between 1946 and 1952 he cooperated with Victory publishers, for which he drew 'Mistero' under the "American" pseudonym Frank Well, as well as the series 'Silver Scout'. Throughout the years, he was also present at publishers like Universo, Nervini, Alpe and Casarotti. He illustrated among others several books in the collection Albi dell'Intrepido, short stories with 'Mandrake the Magician', western stories and episodes of 'Amok'.

comic art by Franco Donatelli

In 1948 he drew the three final episodes of Roy d'Ami's 'Pattuglia Senza Paura', again for Audace. That same year and the following, he cooperated on the series 'Sitting Bull' for Agostino Della Casa, and 'Kansas Kid' and 'Burma' for Cremona Nova. In the 1950s, Donatelli drew westerns like 'Red Boy' and 'Red Sheriff'. He also illustrated several children's books and covers for the Albi Salgari collection. For the French newspaper Paris-Jour, he drew several vertical comic strips under the peudonym Donatel. From 1962, he cooperated on series like 'Pecos Bill' and 'Radar' for Sepim.

Franco Donatelli by himself

From the mid-1960s throuhout the 1970s and 1980s, Donatelli spent most of his time working for Bonelli publishers. While making cover illustrations for 'Il Piccolo Ranger', he became of the regular artists on the 'Zagor' series. In 1975, he also drew three episodes of 'Mister No'. Franco Donatelli died in 1995.

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