Militona by Donga

Donga was the pen name of the French cartoonist, painter, caricaturist and poster artist Pierre Duffourc. He was born in Bayonne in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of south-western France in 1908 as the son of a Spanish father. His early illustrations and caricatures appeared in magazines like Le Cyrano (1932) and Le Rire (1934). He was especially known for his political drawings and his illustrations of the major trials of the time.

Un Homme Véritable

His comics production was limited to vertical and horizontal strips for the French communist press in the 1950s. Just like Gilbert Bloch, he adapted several literary works to the text comics format for L'Humanité. These included Théophile Gauthier's 19th century novel 'Militona' (1954) and Boris Polevoy's 'Story of a Real Man' ('Un Homme Véritable', 1956), a Russian novel about a Soviet World War II fighter pilot. He also made a strip about the Tour de France, called 'Plus d'un Tour dans Votre Sac' (1955, script by Abel Michéa), as well as the science fiction serial 'S.O.S. Espace' (1958-1959), which was both a text comic and a balloon comic. The Tour de France feature was also printed in the papers Le Patriote and L'Echo du Centre. For the Sunday paper L'Humanité Dimanche, he produced an adaptation of the Russian sci-fi novel 'Andromeda Nebula' by Ivan Yefremov ('La Nébuleuse d'Andromède'), a serial about the life of 17th century playwright Molière ('La Vie de Molière'), the historical comic strip 'L'Inquisition' and the full-page text comic 'Le Chevalier de l'an Mil'.

Pierre Donga passed away in 1976.

S.O.S. Espace

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