'Puckie Peen's avonturen'.

Nelly Donker (also written as Nellie Donker) was a Dutch writer and illustrator for story books, greeting cards and magazine sections aimed at younger children. For many years, she was associated with the newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad as well as the women's weekly Margriet. Besides many illustrated books, she was also the creator of the comic strip 'Tommie Lukkie' in Margriet (1949-1952) and the 'Puckie Peen's avonturen' booklets for Matto shoes (1952).

She was born in 1914 as Petronella Donker in Amsterdam. She later went under her married name Petronella Beneder, but her books have all appeared under her maiden name. The largest part of her output was created during the 1950s and 1960s.

'Vlamneusje wordt wereldreiziger' (Algemeen Handelsblad, 3 June 1950).

Her illustrations appeared in children's books from the 1930s throughout the 1950s, all breathing a cozy storytime atmosphere. She illustrated picture books by Jenny Kiggen about a wild mountain duck called Maarten Kwak (Oisterwijk, 1930) and Billy the beaver (Oisterwijk, 1959), wrote and drew her own mid-1940s book series about fairies for publisher Storm van Leeuwen and worked on several booklets for publisher Meulenhoff. These included the 'Brammetje' series (1954) by Hartger Menkman, about a farmer kid, and her own fairy tale-like 'De avonturen van Piet Paddestoel' (1955) and 'Woebie Woe en de rode laarsjes' (1955). Stories from her story collection 'Kindervreugd' (Jacob van Campen, 1949) were performed as puppet theather shows by J.J. du Mée in Amsterdam's Minerva Pavilion around Easter 1950. In the 1980s Publiboek/Baart released a couple of books with bedtime stories written and illustrated by Nelly Donker.

'Tommie Lukkie', from Margriet of 26 November 1949.

Newspapers and magazines
In 1949, Nelly Donker's stories appeared in the children's monthly Het Kinder-Kompas. Between 1950 and 1958 she wrote funny animal and fairy tale stories for toddlers in the Saturday editions of the newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad. These included serials about the cats 'Mafje en Vlam' (1952), the owl 'Bieneke' (1952), the mischievous mice 'Montie en Maks Piepsnor' (1953), a young girl called 'Woebie Woe' (1954) and many other characters. In 1955 she contributed a craft section called 'Koos Knip en Pietje Plak'. During this same period, she also worked for the magazines published by De Geïllustreerde Pers. For many years, she made the illustrations for the children's section 'Op moeder's schoot' ("On mother's lap") in the women's weekly Margriet. Between October 1949 and January 1952 her comic strip 'Tommie Lukkie' ran in the same magazine. She also wrote and illustrated stories in Revue magazine later that decade.

Other work
In 1952 Nelly Donker created a couple of give-away comic books for the shoe brand Matto. Six booklets in the series 'Puckie Peen's avonturen' are known, all containing corny gags about a well-behaved but clumsy kid called Puckie Peen. Each booklet has several black-and-white pages, which the young readers could color themselves. Donker additionally drew a great many greeting and wishing cards for publishers like Roukes & Erhart and Druk Senefelder-Amsterdam, also containing cute funny animals or fairy tale scenes.

Nelly Donker passed away in Maarssen on 3 December 1993. She was 79 years old.

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