Viviane et sa Bande by Alain d'Orange
Viviane et sa Bande (Ames Vaillantes #17, 27/4/1958)

Alain d'Orange is mainly known for his work for Fleurus publishers. He started his collaboration with this publisher in 1949 with 'Les 7 Diamants du Dragon', which was written by Henriette Robitaillie and published in Fripounet et Marisette magazine. For the same magazine, he created numerous comics biographies and historical stories, as well as the series 'Jany' and 'Cotignac' (both written by Jean-Marie Pélaprat).

Kinouk by Alain d'Orange
Kinouk et son scooter (La Semaine de Suzette, 1960)

For Coeurs Vaillants, he illustrated the aviation series 'Marc Leloup' and several comic adaptations for the collection 'Signe de Piste'. From 1949, d'Orange created 'Le Trio Bleu' in Âmes Vaillantes, followed by 'Frédérique' in 1962. For Fleurus, he also cooperated on the collections 'Belles Histoires et Belles Vies', 'Les Grandes Heures des Chrétiens', 'Les Origines' and 'Biographies', and also on the magazines Kisito and Monique.

illustrations for Bernadette, art by Alain d'Orange (1952)illustrations for Bernadette, art by Alain d'Orange (1952)
illustrations for Bernadette (1952)

While working for Fleurus, Alain d'Orange also made comics like 'Les Naufragés du Sassandra', 'La Course à l'Uranium', 'L'Orpheline du Far-West' and 'Le Troupeau de Carla' for Bonne Presse (published in magazines like Bayard and Bernadette). In addition, he contributed to the magazines La Semaine de Suzette, Lisette and L'Intrépide between 1955 and 1960. In the 1970s he was present in Francs-Jeux, Le Nouveau Tintin and Terres Lointaines. In the 1980s he worked mostly on independent and local projects like 'L'Histoire de la Provence en B.D.', 'Le 6 Juin 1944: Attaque à l'Ouest' and 'Henri Dunant à la Croix-Rouge'.

Alain d'Orange cover for Bernadette (21 September 1952)
d'Orange cover for Bernadette (21 September 1952)

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