Edge, by Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman was born in Michigan in 1958. After only two years of college, he enrolled in the Joe Kubert School of Comic Art. After one year, and the realization that he would not learn the painting techniques in which he was interested, he quit the school. Dorman spent the next few years teaching himself. He has done artwork for book, comic and game publishers, including 'Batman' for DC Comics, and 'Indiana Jones'  and 'Star Wars' for Dark Horse Comics.

Aliens, by Dave Kubert

In addition, Dorman has done a wide range of book and magazine covers. Some of these include the 'Aliens' paperback series, 'Lone Wolf', and 'Surfing Samurai Robots'. His work is also showcased in the Bram Stoker illustrated novel 'Dead Heat' from MoJo Press, and a book collection of his art, 'Star Wars: The Art of Dave Dorman'. Probably his best known work is 'Aliens: Tribes', an illustrated novel featuring 24 of his paintings.

Starwars, by Dave Dorman

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