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Albert Dorne was an American artist, born in the slums of New York City's East Side. After a troubled childhood full of tuberculosis, heart trouble, and poverty, he had numerous odd jobs including a short professional boxing career, before turning to advertising art. He was a letterer with illustrator Paul Tepper and worked at Alexander Rice's art studio. He eventually turned freelance and began to work as an illustrator for Life, Collier's, Look and The Saturday Evening Post. He has also used the comics medium for his advertising art, among others for Lifebuoy Health Soap, Pabst Blue Ribbon and Kellog's. Dorne was one of the artists of the 'Mr. Coffee Nerves' strip for General Foods, in alternation with Lou Fine. Together with Norman Rockwell and ten other artists, he founded the Famous Artists School. Dorne built his program into one of the largest correspondence schools in the world.

Mr Coffee Nerves by Albert Dorne
Mr Coffee Nerves

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