Cover for Seattle Weekly WTO, by Michael Dougan

Michael Dougan a Seattle-based cartoonist, originally from East Texas. From the late 1980s through the mid-1990s he published his largely autobiographical stories in in anthologies such as Weirdo and Drawn & Quarterly. He also did commercial work for  Entertainment Weekly, and contributed to Dennis Eichhorn's autobiographical comic book series 'Real Stuff'. Collections of his work, such as 'East Texas: Tales from behind the Pine Curtain' (1988) and 'I Can't Tell you Anything' (1993) are a showcase for Dougan's talent for storytelling. Among the stories included is the famous 'Chicken Trilogy', his ongoing war with vehicles, and a very weird but compelling tale about his job in an ice cream parlor. Michael Dougan has also been working on an animated cartoon, 'The Dangwoods', for MTV's Liquid Television.

comic art by Michael Dougan

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