Hedy De Vine by Vic Dowd
Hedy De Vine (Venus #1, August 1948)

Vic Dowd attended the Pratt Institute and worked as a comic book artist during the 1940s. He drew Fawcett features like 'Bulletman', 'Captain Midnight', 'Spy Smasher' and for the romance title Sweethearts. He was present at Street & Smith with 'Blackstone', and illustrated 'Hedy Devine', 'Little Lenny' and 'Nellie the Nurse' for Timely. In the 1960s he did advertising work and hardcover book illustrations. He also did promotional comics like 'Johnson Makes the Team' and 'Tommy Gets the Keys' for B. F. Goodrich. He is the brother-in-law of Ken Bald.

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