Ruggles, by Stephen P. Dowling

Stephen (Steve) P. Dowling studied at the Liverpool School of Art and the Westminster School of Art. Dowling started out freelancing for the Charles Hobson Agency and working as an Assistant Art Director at Dorland's Agency. Dowling's first strip was called 'Tich', which he made with his brother Frank for the Daily Mirror in 1931. Also together with his brother as writer, Dowling created 'Ruggles' on 11 March 1935. This British soap opera comic centered around a British middle-class family and would continue until 3 August 1957.

Ruggles, by Stephen Dowling (1948)
'Ruggles', 1948. 

In 1936 Dowling took over William Connor and Gloria's 'Belinda Blue Eyes', which he continued until 1943. In 1943, Steve Dowling created 'Garth', a time-traveling hero, for the Daily Mirror. He drew this series until 1957, when John Allard took over. Dowling served as a Captain in the Home Guard during World War II, and subsequently joined the Mirror staff to create the comic strip 'Keeping Up With The Joneses'. Stephen Dowling retired in 1969.

Garth, by Stephen Dowling (1950)
'Garth', 1950.


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