De Wilde Zwanen, by Nico Draak

Nico Draak was an artist from Amsterdam, who illustrated several comic books that appeared in The Netherlands during the 1940s. In 1945, he created three books of 'Snaveltje Snip'. He made five comic adaptations of fairy tales in the collection 'Het Oude Sprookje, Modern Verteld', namely 'Hans en Grietje', 'Tafeltje Dekje', 'De Vliegende Koffer', 'De Wilde Zwanen' and 'Robinson Crusoë'.

Charley Chan, by Nico DraakCharlie Chan, by Nico Draak

He also drew about 9 'Tarzan' comics at the publishing house H.A.T.E. in 1947 and 1948. In 1949, Draak drew four episodes of the so-called "beeldroman" 'Charlie Chan' at the publisher I.C. en T.I. Nico Draak now lives in Canada.

Snaveltje Snip, by Nico Draak (1944)

De Wilde Zwanen, by Nico DraakDe Vliegende Koffer, by Nico Draak

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