Red Rabbit by Irving Dressler
Red Rabbit

Irving Dressler was an animator, at first with Fleischer (1939-1942) and then with Famous Studios (1943-1960s). He was a writer and animator on 'Popeye' (based on E.C. Segar's newspaper comic), 'Little Lulu' (based on the character created by Marge), 'Noveltoons' 'Casper' and 'Snuffy Smith and Barney Google'  (based on the creations by Billy DeBeck) cartoons. In the 1960s he was working on 'Milton the Monster' cartoons for Hal Seeger.

Dressler additionally worked as a comic book artist through Sangor Studio in the mid-1940s. He drew 'Red Rabbit' for ACG, 'Nutty Squirrel' for National Periodicals, but was mainly present in Better Publications titles like Goofy Comics. For Better, he drew features starring 'Detective Dan Andbotzo', 'High Voltage Neal', 'Hunky and Bunky' and 'Kenny'. In 1952 he briefly returned to comics with war stories for St. John Publishing.

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