Karen 2.0 by Paul Drouin
Karen 2.0 (Julie magazine 202, May 2015)

Paul Drouin studied Visual Communication in Bordeaux, and began his career providing artwork for music groups. He won the Arte-Glénat contest in 2006, which gave him the opportunity to publish his comic 'Le Moustiquaire de Berlin' with this publisher. He then made the "road movie" 'On the Road' (2009) and the thriller 'Blood Circus' (2011) with Guillaume Clavery for Casterman. With Céka, he made the one-shot 'Le Fantôme de Canterville for Petit à Petit. Drouin has furthermore participated in several collective projects, such as 'Summer of the 80's' (Arte Dargaud), 'Cicatrice de guerre' (La Gouttière), 'Brume' (Ankama/Cfsl ink) and 'Artbook' (Cfsl ink).

Drouin has since then mainly worked for videogame companies (Fun Forge, Acute Game, Le Scorpion Masqué, Libellud) and children's book publishers (Hachette, Bayard, Milan, Averbode). For the children's magazines of Milan Presse, he has also drawn comics serials like 'Karen 2.0.', 'Team Planet' and 'L'Héritage du Pharaon'. He has also worked for Studio Elyum, the Rock en Seine festival and art schools.

Blood Circus by Paul Drouin
Blood Circus


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