Monsieur Pabo, by Pierre Druilhe

Pierre Druilhe is one of the main artists of the magazine Ferraille. He began his career in 1985, making his own fanzine. From 1987 to 1992, his work also appeared in several other fanzines, mainly Rock Hardi and Caca Bémol. He also worked for Fred Andrieu's fanzine Actes de Vengeance. With Andrieu, he created the character of 'Monsieur Pabo' for Thierry Guitard's fanzine La Pieuvre. In 1991, he was contacted by J-C Menu to do a "Patte de Mouche" for L'Association. After his fine arts studies in Toulouse, Druilhe began his first long 'Monsieur Pabo' saga. He also teamed up with his friend Bouzard to draw 'Les Pauvre Types de l'Espace'. In 1995, he joined Albi and became a official member of the Requins Marteaux. This group launched the magazine Ferraille in 1996, and 'Monsieur Pabo' became the magazine's star.

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