comic for Creepy by Bill DuBay

Bill DuBay was an American comic book editor and writer, best known for his work for Warren Publishing. Born in San Francisco, California, William Bryan DuBay started out as a fan artist and contributed fanzines like Komix Illustrated, Fantasy Heroes' Hangout, The Voice of Comicdom and Star-Studded Comics from 1964.

He did his first professonal work in Charlton's satirical comic books Go-G and Not Brand Echh in 1966 and 1969. By 1970 he became a writer and artist for Warren Publishing's horror titles Eerie, Creepy and Vampirella. DuBay eventually focused on writing and editing duties. He was an editor for the Warren magazines (the horror titles, but also Comix International, 1984, The Rook, The Goblin and The Spirit) until 1983.

In the early 1980s he wrote a couple of stories for Heavy Metal magazine and he became editor for Archie Comics' superhero line. He also wrote and edited the features 'Anaconda' and 'The Weirdling' for the anthology 'Bold Adventure' for Pacific Comics.

By 1984 he was hired by Stan Lee to set up the animation studios Marvel Productions. He later became head of the 'Fox Kids' department of 20th Century Fox. With Budd Lewis he formed Time Castle Books to publish collections with their character 'The Rook'.

satirical comic by Bill DuBay

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