Cartoon by Frederic Dubus
Political cartoon depicting Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel entering his office and phoning Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum, Migration and Administrative Simplifcation, Theo Francken, over the immigration problem.

Frédéric duBus is a political cartoonist and illustrator for children's publications, who was born in Brussels into the noble family Du Bus de Warnaffe. He has worked as a caricaturist for the satirical magazine Pan from 1988 to 2001, and also for Le Soir, La Gazette de Liège and Le Vif-L'Express. He was a weekly contributor to Télé Moustique with 'Les Télé-Toons' and to Télé Pocket with drawings based on current affairs from 2000 to 2010. He works for the dailies La Dernière Heure-Les Sports (since 2002) and La Libre Belgique (since 2013), and for the weekly Le Soir Magazine (since 2010).

duBus has furthermore made illustrations for about a dozen children books, of which 'Léonie dévore les livres' by Laurence Herbert (Casterman, 1988) is the best-known. His art also appeared in children's periodicals like Dauphin, Tremplin, J'aime lire and Les Clés de l'Actualité Junior, and on several TV shows. His satirical works have been collected in several books.

He was one of many Belgian cartoonists to make special cartoons and comics for Gilles Dal’s book "België, et cetera" (Van Halewyck, 2016), a funny look at the history of Belgium. He is additionally a member of the collective and website The Cartoonist, established by Marec, where Belgian cartoonists make their archived and new work available to the public. 

Frederic Dubus
Comic strip depicting the 2012 French presidential elections. Then president Nicolas Sarkozy spends so much time preparing his date with Marianne, the mascot of France, that he arrives late. As he rushes to their meeting place his opponent François Hollande has already taken his place.

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