De Moker by Hans Ducro
De Moker 4 - De Groene Dood

Hans Ducro was a Dutch comic artist and illustrator, who is best known for his work for publisher De Spaarnestad in Haarlem. As a young man, Ducro was selected by the Nazis to work in Germany during the Second World War. After the Liberation, he worked as an artist for the ANWB youth magazine Jeugdkampioen.

Dop en Dup, by Hans Ducro (1950)
Dolle Daden van Dop en Dup (Jeugdkampioen, November 1949)

For this magazine, he produced many illustrations and the gag strip 'Dolle Daden van Dop en Dup'. In 1948, he drew 10 issues of the "beeldroman" series 'De Moker' for the publishing house Jago in Haarlem.

De Moker, by Hans DucroDe Moker, by Hans Ducro

He began his association with De Spaarnestad in the 1950s. His illustrations appeared in magazines like Panorama and the children's supplements of Katholieke Illustratie and Libelle: Grabbelton and Tombola. For the back pages of Grabbelton, he made the historical comic stories 'Jeanne d'Arc', 'De ridders van tafelronde' and 'Het avontuur van Jacob' with writer Jan Bresser.

Sjors, by Hans Ducro (1954)
Sjors en de verschrikkelijke sneeuwman (1954)

Ducro made the balloon strip 'Sjors en de Verschrikkelijke Sneeuwman' in the new magazine Sjors van de Rebellenclub in 1954 and 1955. He was succeeded by Carol Voges, who turned the 'Sjors' comic into a gag strip. In 1960, he became art director of Panorama. His comic story 'Je speelt hoog spel', made in cooperation with Hans Auer, was published in this magazine in 1970. Hans Ducro died in Sint-Pancras in 1976.

Tombola, by Hans Ducro (1954)

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