Nathalie by Bernard Dufossé
Nathalie (1971)

Bernard Dufossé began his career in advertising, after having studied applied arts in Paris. In 1965, he began working for the various publications of Bonne Presse (later Bayard). In Record, he created 'Nathalie', a series he continued until 1974. He was present in Lisette with several stories scripted by writers like Gendron, Guy Hempay and Henriette Robitaillie.

Le Club des Cinq, by Bernard DufosséLe Club des Cinq, by Bernard Dufossé

In 1966, he also took on a collaboration with the publishing house Fleurus. There, he did various illustrations and short stories for Fripounet ('Cap'tain Furybon'), J2 Magazine ('Valentine', 'Les Prisonniers de l'Espace') and Formule 1 ('Frank et Drago', 'Anna et Cie.').

Tärhn, by Bernard Dufossé

In Djin, Dufossé created the science fiction series 'Mémory' with text by Jean-Marie Nadaud in 1976. Two years later, he launched 'Tärhn, Prince des Étoiles', a saga for which he did both artwork and scenarios. This series was continued in Triolo from 1981 to 1986.

Aka et les Forages, by Bernard Dufossé
Aka et les Forages

From 1972, Dufossé has done various comics with scripts by Serge Saint-Michel for the African magazines Kouakou and Calao, as well as several dailies. Several of these works have been collected in albums at Segedo ('Passe Croisée', 'La Ballade Africaine', 'Les Deux Princes', 'Aka et les Forages', etc.).

Kouakou cover by Bernard DufosséKouakou cover by Bernard Dufossé

At the same time, Dufossé produced 'Pétunia' in Lili-Aggie Magazine and the series 'Le Club des Cinq' with scripts by Serge Rosenzweig at Hachette. In addition, he illustrated several advertising comics, and did various illustrations for scouting magazines.

Les Sanguinaires, by Bernard Dufossé
Les Sanguinaires

In 1995, he teamed up with writer Patrick Cothias to create 'Les Sanguinaires' at the publishing house Glénat. In 1999, under the pseudonym Kovacq, he ventured into erotic comics, which resulted in 'Hilda' (1999) and 'Diane de Grand Lieu' (2003), both published by International Press Magazine.

Tärhn, prince des étoiles, by Bernard Dufossé

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