Fix contra Vix, by Radu Duldurescu

Radu Duldurescu was one of the comic artists that produced original Romanian comics during the 1950s and 1960s. With his dynamic style, he is one of the most remarkable comic authors of his time, with a career spanning from 1956 to 1985. He contributed to children's magazines like Luminiţa, Arici Pogonici and Cravata Roşie, and signed his work Dures or Duresh. Duldurescu was specialized in the science fiction genre, and has also made several comic adaptations of novels by his novelist friends. These include 'Anul 41042', an adaptation of a novel by Sergiu Fărcăşan in 1961.

He was the creator of 'The City of the Future' for Casa Scînteii. He was present in the magazine Arici-Pogonici with the funny animal strip 'Cutu si Miau'. Another creation by Duresh was 'Mache Fantomas'. He was also present in Cutezatorii with 'Pestera Aurie' in 1965.

Pestera Aurie by Radu Duldarescu

Because of its communist background, the French magazine Vaillant was the only imported foreign publication. Inspired by the comics from this magazine Duldurescu created series like 'Fix contra Vix' and 'Muky si Mache'. Some of his stories were also printed in magazines from the other Communist countries in Eastern Europe, such as Atze in East Germany ('Im Wolfstal', 1961) and Ohnicek in Czechoslovakia ('Dalekohled', 1965).

Muky si Mache by Radu Duldurescu

Duldurescu was co-writer of the script for the animated film 'Comoara' in 1977, that was produced by Animafilm in Bucharest. By 1984 his wife Sisila Duldurescu fled to the West and settled in Paris, where she was active in the World Union of Free Romanians. It took a while for Radu Duldurescu to get a visa as well, and upon his departure he was banned from publication in Romania. He turned to writing poems instead. He passed away from pancreatic cancer in October 1987.

Im Wolfstal, by Radu Duldurescu (Ztze, 1961)

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