Qui à tué l'Idiot?, by Nicolas Dumontheuil

Nicolas Dumontheuil followed several artistic studies and started his career in the communication field, making storyboards, illustrations and advertising comics. He produced his first "real" comic, 'l'Enclave', with the publisher Dargaud in 1993. Soon he made his entrance in the magazine À Suivre, where he created 'Qui a Tué l'Idiot?'. An album collection was published by Casterman in 1996, which became best album of the year at the 1996 Angoulême comic festival. In 1999, he created 'Malentendus' for Casterman, which was followed in 2001 and 2003 by the diptych 'Le Singe et la Sirène'/'Le Singe et la Dame Blanche' (script by Éliane Angeli). In 2003 he began the 'La Femme Floue' series, also for Casterman. In 2005, he made 'Le Roi Cassé'.

Le Singe et la Dame Blanche, by Nicolas Dumontheuil

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