Guerre de la Terre, by Dut

Pierre Duteurtre, who signed his work with Dut, had his first publication in l'As in 1937. With the exception of 'Petit Riquet Reporter' (Éditions N.B., 1948) and a short collaboration with the publishing house Artima, Dut spent the essential part of his career cooperating with the scenarist Marijac. Their first collaboration was in Le Coq Hardi in 1947 with part two of 'La Guerre de la Terre' (succeeding Auguste Liquois), soon followed by 'Sitting Bull', a western which they produced from 1948 until 1952.

After the disappearance of Le Coq Hardi, Dut continued his career in Mireille with 'La Fille de Buffalo Bill' and 'Mary'. For Frimouse, he made a large number of sentimental stories, like 'Le Premier Bal' and '3 Filles à l'Ouest'. From 1968, he was also present in Paris-Centre-Auvergne with 'La Reine Margot en Auvergne' and 'Le Loup de Rastignac'. In the following year, he illustrated 'Les Invincibles de L'Ouest' in Allez France, after which he left the comics field to spent all his time painting.

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