Fats Waller by Serge Dutfoy
Fats Waller

Serge Dutfoy is a French comic artist and jazz pianist. He has been playing with the Blue Rhythm Band, which is considered the oldest French amateur jazz orchestra, since 1968. He published his first drawings in the magazines Jazz Hot and Rock 'n' Folk in 1967, and has mainly worked as a teacher in plastic arts in his hometown Saint-Quentin. He started making comics in the 1987s. His first efforts were some short stories for Rock 'n' Folk, and a story based on the life of American jazz musician Fats Waller, which remained unpublished.

Rock & Folk comic by Serge Dutfoy
Comic story for Rock & Folk (1977)

He is the artist of 'Histoire du rock en BD' by Mickael Sadler and Dominique Farran, a chronicle of 30 years rock history published by Hachette in 1986. With Jean-Pierre Barbara, he has made two albums of 'Tintouin' in comission of the town of Saint-Quentin; the first in 1988, the second in 2000. The duo also cooperated on the 1993 comic 'Maxigolf à Lilipub'. By 2009 Dutfoy finally finished his Fats Waller comics biography, that was published in Nocturne's BD Jazz collection, for which he had previously made a comic book about Glenn Miller.

Histoire du rock en BD by Serge Dutfoy
Histoire du rock en BD


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