Donna Matrix by Norm Dwyer
Donna Matrix

Norm Dwyer is a comic book artist and 3D computer artist from Montana. He started in the comics industry in the late 1980s drawing 'Libby Ellis' for Malibu Comics and 'Speed Racer' for Now Comics. By the early 1990s, he was doing freelance work for both Marvel and DC Comics doing pencil art on 'Nick Fury' and DC's third 'Star Trek' annual.

In 1993, he created 'Donna Matrix' with Mike Saenz, the first digital comic using 3D rendering for Reactor Comics. He continued to work with comics and computer games, and began to move into interactive media. In 2007, he moved back to Montana where he works as an illustrator and graphic designer.

Homeworld by Norm Dwyer
Homeworld (Star Trek Annual 3, 1992)

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