Along the Iron Pike from Railroad Magazine #12, 1945

Joe Easley was an American cartoonist, best known for his railroad-related artwork. He was the creator of the informative comics feature 'Along the Iron Pike' (1935-1971), which appeared in Railroad Magazine for 36 years.

Born in 1884, Joseph Easley spent many of his early years traveling by rail before his cartooning career took off. He was in Alaska during the late 1890s Gold Rush, and in San Francisco on the day of the 1906 earthquake. By 1918 he settled in New York City to become a professional illustrator and cartoonist. He spent most of his artistic career living on Staten Island. His cartoons eventually appeared in magazines such as Collier's and the Saturday Evening Post, while he also worked on commercial projects. One of these were newspaper and magazine ads for the New York Railroad.

Trains and railroads remained his specialty, especially when he began his long association with Railroad Stories, a pulp magazine for railroad enthusiasts, which changed its name to Railroad Magazine in 1937. Easley provided story illustrations in both pen and ink and wash, as well as cartoons. His most notable contribution was 'Along the Iron Pike', a series of pictorial true stories from railroad history. The well-documented feature debuted in September 1935 and ran uninterrupted until September 1971. Joe Easley continued to work until well into his 80s. He passed away in December 1971, at the age of 87.

In 2015, Bold Venture Press began releasing authorized reprints of stories selected from Railroad Stories. These volumes also included illustrated features such as Joe Easley's 'Along the Iron Pike' and Stookie Allen's 'Who's Who in the Crew'.

Along the Iron Pike, from Railroad Magazine #1, 1952

Joe Easley artwork on

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