91:an, by Nils Egerbrandt
91:an, art by Nils Egerbrandt

Nils Egerbrandt is best remembered as the second artist to drew Rudolf Petersson's popular comic strip '91:an' between 1960 and 2005. He was born in 1926, in Högalid, Sweden.

Olle het eskimojongetje by Nils Egerbrandt
Olle het eskimo jongetje (Dutch edition from Zeeuws Dagblad, 2/2/1958)

Other series he created in the 1950s were 'Mickel och Mackel', 'Geniet', 'Frisk och Rask' and the little eskimo boy 'Olli'. The latter appeared in newspaper Dagens Nyheter since 1952, but was later also present in Aret Runt and with longer stories in Tuff och Tuss magazine.

Olli, by Nils Egerbrandt (Tuff och Tuss, 1953)
Olli (Tuff och Tuss, 1953)

He also made a comics version of Thomas Funck's fable characters 'Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll'. In the 1950s he worked in a studio with Rolf Gohs. Egerbrandt officially retired in 1991, but continued to draw '91:an' in the women's weekly Året Runt and 91:an magazine until his death in 2005.

Olli, by Nils Egerbrandt (1983)
Olli (Dutch edition, 1983)

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