comic art by JC Eguillor
'Los Cuentos de la Abuelita' Pequeño País #28 (13/6/1982)

Juan Carlos Eguillor was born in San Sebastián. He was interested in varied visual arts so comics were only one of those he dealt with. His comics usually showed up in publications non-related to this field. His first one was 'Mari Aguirre', a comic strip published at a rate of one page per week in daily El Correo Español-El Pueblo Vasco in 1968. Contemporary pop art influenced Eguillor's style. Mari Aguirre returned to El Correo in 1971. After a longer hiatus the character was featured in various serials that appeared in daily Egin between 1977 and 1980. Writing in Basque, Eguillor created 'Krisket eta Popolo' for Komikia, a short-lived supplement which appeared attached to different magazines in 1975 and 1977.

He also worked for magazines Triunfo, Fotogramas, Hermano Lobo and Euskadi Sioux in the 1970s. A compilation of Eguillor's drawings, comics and gag cartoons called 'Eta gero hau!' was published by Txertoa in 1979. In 1980 Eguillor became a contributor to daily El Diario Vasco. In addition Juan Carlos Eguillor did other comics for El Correo, including 'Las Nuevas Aventuras de Mari Aguirre'. He also contributed works like 'Los Cuentos de la Abuelita', 'Miss Martiartu' and 'Potolos' to daily El País and its supplements.

comic art by JC Eguillor
Daily from Egin (29/10/1978)

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