Holiday Shopping in Kit-Kat Town, by Eddie Eks (1904)

Eddie Eksergian, who signed with Eddie Eks, was a productive cartoonist for the World Color Printing Syndicate in the period 1902-1904. Previously, he had worked for the McClure Syndicate (around 1901) and later on, he worked for the St. Louis Globe-Democrat throughout 1905.

A Bunch of Umbrella Jokes, by Eddie Eks

Among the many features he did are 'Holiday Shopping in Kit-Kat Town' (1904), 'Mrs Knit', 'Mr. Tom' (1904-1905), 'Mr. O-Heeza-Knocker' (1904), 'Dreamy Mary' (1904), 'Raphels the Awful Cat' (1905) and 'Vacation News' (1905). Notable about his work is his fascination for umbrellas.

Mr. O-Heeza-Knocker, by Eddie Eks 1904

It is possible that Eddie Eks' real name is the Armenian artist Karnik Eksergian. Karnik Eksergian is the youngest of the famous Eksergian brothers (famous for portraits). He was born in 1885 in Constantinople (modern Istanbul). Not much is known about his early life in the Ottoman Empire but his magnificant portrait work can still be found in Istanbul. Karnik Eksergian moved to the USA in 1883. It is common for many Armenians to adopt an English version of their first name. He has many famous portraits (of famous people) from his time in USA. His brother, Telemark Eksergian, was also a very talented and very famous artist and teacher.

(additional information about Karnik Eksergian by Vahan Altiparmak)

Mr. Tom, by Eddie Eks 1904

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