Cybersuit Arkadyne, by Tim Eldred
Cybersuit Arkadyne (Cyberwërx #1, March 1996)

Tim Eldred grew up in Michigan. In the early 1980s he published his work in Pacific Comics' Wild Animals. In the early 1990s he was a designer for Gamemaster books. He has contributed to 'Cybersuit Arkadyne' by Ianus Publications and 'Death Rattle' for Kitchen Sink Press.

He did art on Malibu's 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' and 'The Strangers', Eternity's 'Robotech', as well as the 'Star Blazers' comic book series published by Voyage Entertainment. Later, Eldred moved into animation, creating several of the episodes of the 'Godzilla' cartoon series that followed the late 1990s movie. His graphic novel 'Grease Monkey' was published by Tor Books in 2007.

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