Ciao Milano by Elfo
Ciao Milano (for Corriere Milano)

Born in Avellino, Giancarlo Ascari (Elfo) got his degree in architecture in 1976. After several jobs in the publishing and audiovisual fields, he cooperated with BCD and illustrated the book 'Datitalia' in 1977. In that same year, he began a collaboration with Milano Libri, with whom he made 'Paolo Valera' for Alter Alter. Throughout the 1980's, Elfo was present in reviews like Linus, Alter, Corriere dei Piccoli ('Le Avventure di Cuoredibue'), Seconsamano and PerLui, with articles, comics and illustrations. He has also contributed to foreign magazines like Pilote, Babel and Epix. In 1979, he was one of the founders of Storiestrisce, a cooperation between a dozen artists.

comic art by Elfo

He founded and edited Tic magazine in 1988, and illustrated books for Mondadori and Garzanti. He is a teacher with the European Desighn Institute in Milan. In the 2000s, he has published the graphic novels 'Love Stores' (Coconino Press, 2005) and 'Tutta Colpa del 68' (Garzanti, 2008). Both were also published in France by Les Enfants Rouge. He regularly publishes comics and illustrations in Diario magazine.

comic for Diario magazine by Elfo
comic for Diario magazine

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