Flatman, by Phil Elliott

Phil Elliot has been creating comic strips professionally since 1981, and has had work printed in a variety of publications in the UK, USA, and all around the world. He started out contributing to some fanzines in the mid-1970s, and eventually launched two fanzines himself, Blitzine and Delapsus Resurgam. In 1977, he created the Elipse fanzine together with Ian Wieczorek, which ran for three issues and published work by Kev Sutherland, Mike Matthews and Dave Hine.

Blite, by Phil Elliot

Phill Elliott became one of the artists of the British small press scene in the 1980s. He self-published the Fast Fiction comic, again together with Wieczorek. Elliott cooperated with Eddie Campbell on various comics for the music paper Sounds and Campbell's own Lucifer between 1984 and 1986. Elliott also worked a lot with Glenn Dakin oncomics such as 'Greenhouse Warriors', 'Mr Night' and 'The Man from Cancer'.

Illegal Alien, by Phil Elliott

Phil was a regular contributor to the influential UK comic magazine, Escape, in which he first published his 'Doc Chaos' comic with writers Dave Thorpe and Lawrence Gray in 1985. In that same year, he created 'The Suttons' for his local newspaper.

After leaving the editorship of Fast Fiction, Elliott began editing !GAG! for Harrier Comics. Harrier Comics also published Phil and Paul Duncan's 'Second City' comic as well as two collections of Phil's 'A Tale from Gimbley' stories. His comic 'Blite' was published by Fantagraphics, and Elliot has worked on series like 'Tupelo' and 'Pool Tales'. He was an artist on 'The Real Ghostbusters' for Marvel UK. Other work appeared in Punch, Knockabout, Fox Comics and Power Rangers.

Pool Tales, by Phil Elliott

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