Sally Snickers by Horace T. Elmo
Sally Snickers

Horace T. Elmo was born Arazio Theodore Elmo in New York City as the son of Italian immigrants. He worked as a stock clerk in the exporting industry before becoming a cartoonist with the New York Evening Graphic. From the mid-1930s until the mid-1940s he produced a great many syndicated weekly features, such as 'Facts You Never Knew' (1935-1938), 'The Fizzle Family', 'Goofus Family' (1935-1939), 'It's Amazing' (1941-1946), 'Laughs from Today's News' (1937-194?), 'Our Puzzle Corner', 'Sally Snickers' (1941-1946), 'Socko the Seadog', 'Useless Eustace' (1941-1946) and 'Your Health Comes First'.

Elmo syndicated his features, and some others, himself through Lincoln Features and later Elmo Features Syndicate. Jack Kirby also debuted on Elmo's Lincoln syndicate, and one of the syndicate's main features was 'Detective Riley', that was credited to a certain Richard Lee.

He was also active for comic books in the 1940s and 1950s. He made fillers for National's 'Quick Quizzes' and contributed to Timely's 'It's Amazing' and 'Oscar Comics' (the feature 'Little Aspirin'). Ace published his books 'Modern Casanova's Handbook' (1955) and 'Hollywood Humor' (1957). Later strips by Elmo were 'The Rhyming Romeos' (Arkansas State Press, 1950s), 'Puggy' and 'Tell Me' (both for the News Reporter from Hubbard, Ohio, 1960s), and 'Spirit Lake Beacon' (Iowa) in the mid-1970s. Horace Elmo passed away in the Bronx in 1992.

Useless Eustache by Horace T. Elmo
Useless Eustache

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