Chrispin, by Enrich

Enric de Manuel González, better known as Enrich, was born in 1929 in France, but carried out his professional career in Spain. It began in magazine Trampolín, where he created 'Ciriaco Majareto' at age twenty. He also did comics and gag panels for Alex, Nicolás and Jaimito until the mid-1950s. In 1957, he created 'El Caco Bonifacio' and other characters for Tío Vivo, a magazine eventually acquired by publisher Bruguera. In the late 1950s he contributed to magazines La Olla and Pepe Cola. In 1961, Enrich ran an ephemeral magazine called Rififí.

Montse, by Enrich
'Montse, La Amiga de los Animales'.

Meanwhile, Enrich became a regular at Bruguera and remained there until its final shutdown in the mid-1980s. There, he created such series as 'Tontolínez' (1966), 'Crispín' (1968) and '1 X 2 el Invasor' (1969). He stood out among the anonymous artists who took over 'El Reporter Tribulete' from Cifré. Enrich created characters for Bruguera's feminine magazines, in particular 'Montse, la Amiga de los Animales' (1978), for Gina. The character outlived its publisher and could be seen in the Zipi Zape magazine of Ediciones B after the mid-1980s together with 'Humor sin Palabras', another section by Enrich.

Aside from Bruguera, Enrich contributed his work to Tele Radio, Gaceta Junior (where he created 'El Profesor Canuto y su Ayudante Bruto' in 1970) and Lecturas. He also drew many gag panels through agencies and worked on animated cartoons.

comic art by Enrich (Enric de Manuel González)
Comic art by Enrich.

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