Herminio Bolaextra, by Mauro Entrialgo

Mauro Entrialgo was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain in 1965. He began his career in 1980 in Punkomix. Throughout the 1980s, his work appeared in Makoki, Octopus, and El Diario Vasco ('Armand Vanguardia'). For El Vibora, starting in 1987, he made series like 'La Escalera', 'El Demonio Rojo', 'Drugos el Acumulador', 'Comprobando la Realidad' (with artwork by Javi Rodriguez) and several independent pages.

from TMEO, by Mauro Entrialgo

He was also a regular artist for TMEO, for which he created 'Herminio Bolaextra', 'La Pandilla Galáctica', 'Tyrex', and 'Curiosidades del Mundo del Rock'. Most of these series also appeared in Makoki around 1990. During the 1990s, Entrialgo was present in Pequeño Pais with 'El Capitán Órbita' (art by Alvaro Ortega), EGM and Tentaciones with 'Alter Rollo', El Pais with 'Blanca y Jorge'. Entrialgo has additionally worked for El Jueves, Playboy, Más, Bar & Beer and Primera Linea.

comic art by Mauro Entrialgo


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