El Cazador, by Steve Epting
El Cazador

Steve Epting majored in graphic design at the University of South Carolina. He has been working in the field since 1989, starting with titles like 'Nexus' (back-ups), 'Dreadstar', and the miniseries 'Hammer of God' and 'Hammer of God: Sword of Justice', all for First Comics. Afterwards, around 1991, he joined Marvel Comics, where he had a long run on 'The Avengers', and worked on 'X-Factor' and other 'X-Men' projects. For Marvel Universe, he cooperated with Roger Stern on a story with World War II heroes 'The Invaders'.

Captain America, by Steve Epting
Captain America: Twenty-first Century Blitz part 4

In the late 1990s, Epting turned to DC Comics, where he did 'Aquaman' with writer Dan Jurgens. He eventually began a collaboration with independent publisher CrossGen, doing 'Crux' with Mark Waid, and 'El Cazador' with Chuck Dixon. In 2004, he returned to Marvel, working on the relaunched 'Captain America' title with Ed Brubaker.

Captain America, by Steve Epting

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