Top Canavan (Lombak #2, 2004)

Alpay Erdem is a Turkish cartoonist, humorist and stand-up comedian. He graduated in geophysics from Istanbul University and contributed his first amateur cartoons to magazine Leman. He worked for Soytarı and HBR Maymun for a while before creating 'Hasta Ruh İsmail' ('Mental Patient Ismail') for L-Manyak in 1997.

Sevki Teyze

Other Erdem creations like 'Top Canavarı' and 'Kamil Seven Adam' have made their appearance in Lombak, Kemik and Penguen. Penguen also carries his humorous writings under the title 'Ben', which he also uses for tand-up performances. He left Lombak in 2008 and is now a contributor to Uykusuz. An 'Ismail' book collection was published in 2003.

Ismail, by Alpay Erdem
Hasta Ruh İsmail

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