Jim, John et la Jeep, by Érik
'Jim, John et la Jeep'.

André René Jolly debuted in the Benjamin periodical in 1930. Under the pseudonym Jérôme Érik, later simplified to Érik, he drew 'Les Aventures de Ratinet' and 'Monsieur Toupe' for the magazine during the 1930s. Afterwards, he founded his own magazine, Oscar Bill, le Roi des Détectives, which contained a comic and an illustrated story. Unfortunately, this magazine lasted only 26 issues. During World War II, Érik worked for Gavroche ('Le Professeur Globule'), Grandes Aventures ('Martin Gale, Détective Amateur', 'Le Chevalier Trancheroc') and Le Téméraire ('Dr Fulminate et Pr Vorax').

Nique, by Erik (Lisette, 1954)
'Nique' (Lisette, 1954).

After the War, Érik pursued a career in advertising cartoon animation together with Paul de Roubaix. He also became artistic director of Je Vois Tout. In addition, he was present on the Spanish market with contributions to Editorial Proa and Hispano Americana de Ediciones.

Papou by Erik
'Papou' (Le Coq Hardi #153, 1953).

From 1946 onwards, Erik created new series like 'Tribacil contre Docteur Klorax', 'Tartol de la Clanche' and 'Papou Détective in Coq Hardi, 'Pompabloc, Sportif Endurci' and 'Crochemaille le Nerveux' in O.K., 'Babiol et L'Inspecteur Virofle' in Paris-Jeunes. He later continued 'Trancheroc' in Youmbo Magazine, and created 'Vrac Reporter' in Jeudi-Matin in 1949.

Teuf-Teuf Sheriff by Erik
'Teuf-Teuf Sheriff' (Ames Vaillantes #26, 29 June 1958).

During the 1950s and 1960s, Erik intensified his production even further, publishing his work in Zorro ('Crochemaille', 1950), Pierrot ('Professeur Canif contre Docteur Krapotus', 1951), Spirou ('Grignotin', 1953), Lisette ('Nique et Prune', 1953-60), Tintin ('Rip la Rafale', 1954), Sylvie ('Dorothée', 1954-55), Jocko et Poustiquet ('Babiol, Détective Amateur', 1955), L'Intrépide ('L'Expédition du Professeur Gromulus', 1955-57, 'Zanzie', 1958-62), Ima ('Madie et Martin Gale', 1956-58), Record ('Mégalithe', 1966-73). He was also very productive in the advertising field, illustrating campaigns for Astra, Milliat Frères, Meunier chocolat and Kodak.

Nique, by Erik (Lisette, 1954)
'Nique' (Lisette, 1954).

Érik was one of the key artists of the Fleurus publishing group, starting in 1950. For Coeurs Vaillants, he drew 'Grignoton', 'Monsieur Bobêche' and, most notably', 'Pat Rac', his best known series. He was also present in Ames Vaillantes ('Commissaire Picablo', 'Finette Détective', 1951-74), Fripounet, J2 Magazine ('Uron, Tifus et Clodomir') and Formule 1 ('Triphénol contre Klorax').

L'Enigme du Grand Boulou by Erik
'L'Enigme du Grand Boulou' (Ames Vaillantes, 8 June 1958).

Throughout the years, Érik produced independent albums like 'Sandal, le Vieux Mousse', 'Fringale et Badinet', 'Capitaine Taillefer', 'Cambuse sur l'Île Inconnue', 'Jim, John et la Jeep', and 'Les Machines Infernales d'Érik'.

comic published in Dutch magazine Sjors by Erik
'Humpie Hunebed' (from Dutch magazine Sjors).

Érik often used the same type of characters in his comics, like the megalomaniac scientist, the nutty inventor and the awkward detective. Sometimes he even made machines into living objects, which can be seen in his comic 'Jim, John et la Jeep'. In this series, about two American soldiers fighting with their jeep against the Germans in WW II, the jeep, the German tanks and rocket bombs have eyes, mouths and minds of their own.

Érik was an influence on Jean Tabary.

Jim, John et la Jeep, by ÉrikJim, John et la Jeep, by Érik

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