comic art by Gary Erskine

Gary Erskine was born in Paisley, near Glasgow, Scotland. While at art college, he contributed to some fanzines. He had his first professional job in 1988, when Marvel UK hired him to do 'Knights of Pendragon'. Afterwards, he was assigned 'Warheads'. Erskine then joined 2000 AD, where he made stories with 'Judge Dredd', but also 'Flesh' with writers Dan Abnett and Steve White.

With Michael Cook he made 'The Real Robin Hood' in Crisis, and with John Tomlinson, he produced the graphic novel 'Lords of Misrule' for Tundra in 1993. He additionally did fill-ins for DC titles and guest artwork on titles like James Robinson's 'Firearm' and Dark Horse's 'Star Wars' title. For Malibu Comics, he made a 'Terminator' miniseries.

Testament, by Gary Erskine
Testament (DC Vertigo, January 2007)

In 2000, he sold his early 1990s project 'Silencers' to Image Comics, where it was published as 'City of Silence' (script by Warren Ellis). He also cooperated on Vertigo's 'Hellblazer' and on Mark Millar's 'The Authority'. In 2002, Erskine made a 'Justice Society of America' miniseries. In 2005, he created the ongoing series 'Jack Cross' with Warren Ellis for DC Comics. In 2007 Erskine drew Garth Ennis' 'Dan Dare' for Virgin Comics. Erskine has additionally done character designs and storyboards for commercials and game development, and he has done for licensed properties like the Dreamworks characters.

Dan Dare by Gary Erskine
Dan Dare

comic art by Gary Erskine

comic art by Gary Erskine


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