Parsley, by Esegé

Segundo García González, who uses the pen name Esegé, is a Spanish comic artist who has been present in several children publications since the late 1970s. He is part of the third generation of Bruguera comic authors. He created 'Gustavo, el de la Calle del Diecinueve' for TBO in 1978 and 'Neronius' for Mortadelo in 1981. Jesús de Cos and Matías Guiu provided scripts for the latter. For Garibolo, he and writer Jaume Ribera created 'Tito Sidecar' in 1986, followed by Esegé's solo series 'Pomponius Triponum' in 1987. In the late 1980s Esegé contributed characters like 'Don Pyme' and 'Parsley' to Zipi y Zape and other publications of Ediciones B.

In 1990 he and J. Viciana collaborated on 'El Dinosaurio Jeremías', a comic for a supplement of El Periódico de Catalunya. In 1998 he participated in the collective work 'Cien Comics con Aspirina'. In 2005 he created 'El Pequeño Quijote' for Mister K. Esegé has also been active in the field of animated cartoons.

Pomponius Triponum by Esegé
'Pomponius Triponum' (Garibolo issue #21, 1987).

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