Le llamaban Lopez by Jaume Esteve
Le llamaban Lopez (El Cairo)

Jaume Esteve i Navarro is a Catalan artist who has been active in Spanish comics since the mid-1970s. He has drawn comics like 'Agripino, Cocinero Fino' (Mortadelo, 1974), 'El Pirata Xocolata' (L'Infantil-Tretzevents, 1975) and 'Santi Clorofila' (JAuJA, 1982).

comic art by Jaume Esteve

He also contributed to magazines like Avui, El Cairo, Calculín, Heidi, Provisional, Rock and Classic and Rodamunt. He has done illustration work for Ara, Atzavara, Brancal and Garbell.

El Pirata Xocolata by Jaume Esteve
El Pirata Xocolata (Tretzevents)
Le llamaban Lopez by Jaume Esteve

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