Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter, by Ric Estrada 1977

Born in Havana, Cuba, Ric Estrada moved to New York City in 1947. He attended the New York Art Students League, the New York University and the New School for Social Research. He has drawn for many comic publishers since 1948, including Hillman (crime, western), Ziff-Davis ('G.I. Joe', sports comics), Better Publications (western), EC ('Frontline Combat', 'Two-Fisted Tales'), St. John (romance) and Feature Comics (crime). He is best known for his war comics, and was a regular collaborator on DC's 'Our Army At War' (1955-77), 'Star Spangled War Stories' (1969-74), 'G.I. Combat' (1972-78), 'Bob Kanigher's Gallery of War' (1973-80), 'Weird War Tales' (1975-83) and 'Unknown Soldier' (1977-82).

He also worked on DC's romance titles of the 1960s and 1970s, and drew 'Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter' (in the revived All-Star Comics), 'Wonder Woman', 'Legion of Super-Heroes', 'Amethyst Princess of Gemworld' and a couple of other titles. Estrada has drawn 'Flash Gordon' for the syndicated newspaper strip on several occasions in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Estrada was an artist for Eerie magazine in 1967-68. Active in the animation field in later years, Estrada collaborated on the animated series 'He-Man', 'Galtar', 'Jonny Quest' and 'Bionic Six' in the 1980s.

From Eerie, by Ric Estrada

interview with Ric Estrada

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