Zim et Boum by Evany
'Zim et Boum'.

Eugène van Nijverseel - AKA Evany - was a Belgian comic artist and painter. He was most notable as the first assistant of 'Tintin' creator Hergé. Between 1929 and 1931 Evany continued Hergé's earliest comic series 'Totor' in Le Boy-Scout Belge. He additionally inked both 'Tintin' and 'Quick and Flupke', before creating his own comic strip, 'Zim et Boum' (1931), which ran in Petits Belges/Zonneland. After World War II, Evany was art director of Tintin magazine.

Working for Hergé
Born in 1910, Van Nijverseel was eighteen years old when he joined Hergé's team at Le Petit Vingtième, the juvenile supplement of the conservative Catholic newpaper Le Vingtième Siècle. Starting out in January 1929 as an errand boy, he quickly became Hergé's assistant within a few months. Between 1929 and 1931, Van Nijverseel inked the installments of the serials 'Tintin au Pays des Soviets'  ('Tintin in the Land of the Soviets', 1929) and 'Tintin Au Congo' ('Tintin in Congo', 1930), as well as gags with the two rascals 'Quick et Flupke'. Van Nijverseel additionally made cover illustrations and provided lay-out for issues of Le Petit Vingtième. He often rummaged the local flee markets in Brussels, in search for old French cartoon magazines. Useful cartoons would then be reprinted in Le Petit Vingtième, as free filler material. In addition, Evany took over Hergé's Totor character in Le Boy-Scout Belge, with whom he made a new set of six gag pages under the title 'Les Mémoires de Totor, C. P. des Hannetons' between February and July 1930. In 1931 Evany left Le Petit Vingtième to fulfill his military service.

Cover for Le Petit Vingtième by EvanyCover for Le Petit Vingtième by Evany
Evany covers for Le Petit Vingtième of 9 October and 18 December 1930.

Bonne Presse
While in the military, Evany created a short-lived balloon strip of his own. A serial of 52 pages, 'Zim et Boum' (1931) appeared in the Catholic children's magazine Petits Belges and its Flemish edition Zonneland, both published by Bonne Presse in Averbode. He continued to make gag pages and traditional picture stories for both these magazines until 1937. In that same year, a 'Zim et Boum' book collection was published by Bonne Presse.

Tintin magazine
When in September 1946 Hergé and publisher Raymond Leblanc launched Tintin magazine, Evany returned to work for his old friend. Until at least the early 1970s, he was art director of Studio Lombard, the publisher's art studio that did the magazine's layouts and provided the editorial illustrations and production art. New talents that were trained under his supervision were Tibet, François Craenhals, Fred Funcken and Raymond Macherot.

Final years and death
Eugène Van Nijverseel was also active as a painter throughout most of his career. He passed away in 1989.

At the occasion of Tintin/Kuifje magazine's 20th anniversary, celebrated in issue #39 of 1966, Evany had a starring role in a promotional stunt. In a special story created by Mazel, the magazine's art director fell between one of the rotary presses. Readers were asked to check if the flattened Mr. Evany was perhaps somewhere between the pages of their copy. In issue #48 it was announced that the art director was found and returned to the offices! For the occasion, artist Mazel and art director Evany posed in front of a blow-up of the 2D comic version of Evany.

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