Mirmoeff, by Leo Fabri

Leo Fabri made his debut as a comic artist in 1968, in De Spectator. A year later, he created 'Schrobberdijk', a stop-strip for the newspapers of the Standaard Groep. From 1971, he worked for Pats, creating 'De Nieuwe Avonturen van de Goede Sint', while continuing his work for the papers, where he made 'Marjolein', a strip about flowers and plants, from 1972.

Marjolein, by Leo Fabri (1978)

In 1978, he created 'Mirmoeff', a gentle fantasy series written by R.H. Schoemans, in which Leo Fabri's detailed and pleasant style was right in place. In 1986, he came up with 'De Grondels'.

Mirmoeff, by Leo Fabri

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