Addie and Hermy, by Sam Fair

Sam Fair was a British artist from Dundee and one of the original contributors to DC Thomson's The Dandy. Among the many features he made for the comic were 'Magic Mike', 'Wig and Wam', 'Meddlesome Matty' and 'Wild Man of the Woods'. During World War II, he made 'Addie and Hermy, the Nasty Nazis', in which he poked fun at Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering. He was also a regular in The Beano from 1938, with series like 'Frosty McNab', 'Winken and Blinken', 'Tin Can Tommy' and 'Pansy Potter'. Another war propaganda strip by Fair was 'Musso the Wop'. In 1939 and 1940 he was additionally present in The Magic Comic with 'Boy Biffo the Brave' and 'Old Father Time'.

After the war, Fair was mainly working for smaller publishers, such as PM (The Breezy Comic), Children's Press (Meteor) and Valentine (Ace Comics, Super Bumper). During this period he mostly worked from Bill McCail's Mallard Studios in Dundee as an illustrator of children's books. His comics from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s include 'Lochy the Wee Monster' in TV Comic, 'Cornelius Dimworthy' in Eagle, 'Dizzy Dimwit' in Buster, 'Captain Nemo' in Fleetway's Donald and Mickey, 'Noah's Ark' in Lion and 'Monkey Trix' in Bonnie.

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