The Hover Rovers by Harry Farrugia
The Hover Rovers

Henricus Farrugia was an artist of Maltese ancestry, who was born at Port Said, Egypt. He moved to the UK in 1945, where he worked on comics for the British market through the Temple Art Agency. He started working for the Amalgamated Press in the late 1940s and was a regular contributor to TV Fun, Radio Fun and the war libraries. For these publications, he drew comics like 'The Fighting Seehawk', 'Pirate's Gold', 'Girl Behind the Gun', 'Call in the Yard', 'Calling Z9' and 'Roaring Rails', while sharing duties on 'Undersea Pirates' with George Heath throughout the 1950s.

The Man with a Donkey by Harry Farrugia
The Man with a Donkey (Victor Summer Special 1970)

By the early 1960s, he was also contributing to D.C. Thomson. He did true war stories like 'The One Man Army', 'The Forgotten Fourteenth', 'Men from Camp Z' and 'Last Boy in Singapore', as well as 'The Purple Trumpet' in Victor. He additionally drew 'Gibson of the Guns', 'Squadron X', 'The Limping Man', 'The Hover Rovers' and 'Sergeant Sixty' for The Hornet and 'The Lost School' and 'The Target is Toronto' for Hotspur. Farrugia continued to work for Victor, Hornet and the Fleetway war libraries until his sudden death from a traffic accident in 1970.

The Hover Rovers by Harry Farrugia

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