The Hunter by Myron Fass
The Hunter (Adventures Into Weird Worlds #24, Dec 1953)

Myron Fass began his career as a comic book artist and later became famous as an editor and publisher of pulp magazines. After some public relation jobs during World War II, he worked in the field of comic books from 1948 to 1955. He illustrated western, crime, horror, romance and jungle girl comics for companies such as Atlas, Trojan, Gleason and Toby Press in comic books like 'Tales of Horror', 'Adventures Into Terror', 'Astonishing', 'Uncanny Tales', 'Great Lover Romances', 'Black Diamond Western', 'Crime Smashers', 'Western Crime Busters' and 'Atomic Spy Cases'.

He then began his own magazine called Lunatickle, one of the first MAD imitators which featured work by Joe Kubert, Russ Heath and Theodore S. Hecht. At the end of 1964 Fass started his tabloid paper National Mirror which ran until 1973. By then, Fass was one of the foremost publishers of sleazy pulp magazines, including Official American Horseman, Hall of Fame Wrestling, True War, Official UFO, Show Dogs, Terror Tales, Horror Tales, Rock, Hard Rock, Super Rock, Punk Rock, Acid Rock, Groupie Rock, Son of Sam, Shotgun Journal, Homicide Detectives and Movie Lies.

One panel from a Fass story from 'Tales of Horror' inspired Roy Lichtenstein's painting 'The Kiss' (1961).

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