Dutch History, in Ware Jacob, by Jan Feith 1904
Illustrated history of the Netherlands, for De Ware Jacob

Jan Feith was a writer, journalist and illustrator, born in Amsterdam into a noble family. He held several office jobs before becoming an editor and reporter with the Algemeen Handelsblad in 1898. After a while, he got his own section in this paper. He made sensational reports for his time, writing about a car trip through the Netherlands, and his visits to a torpedo submarine and a Chinese restaurant.

comic art by Jan Feith

Under the signature Chris Kras he was also a regular contributor to the satirical weekly De Ware Jacob, for which he made an illustrated overview of Dutch history in silhouets in 1904-05, among other things. In the same tradition, he drew for the children's magazine Zonneschijn in the 1920s and 1930s.

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Feith is author of picture books like 'De Oorlog in Prent' (1915), 'De Vrede in Prent' (1924) and of the biographical novels 'Uit Piet's vlegeljaren' and 'Uit Piet's Kantoorjaren'. With illustrator Siegfried Granaat, he made the book 'Uit Tijden van Oorlogswinst' shortly after the First World War. Feith wrote 'Zwerftochten Door Ons Land', illustrated by Bernard van Vlijmen. Jan Feith was also active in the world of sports, as chairman of several hockey and tennis clubs, and as a talented cyclist and ice skater. He passed away in The Hague in 1944.

Jan Feith
Portrait photo by Atelier J. Merkelbach (Ons Amsterdam 4, 2016)

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