The Phantom, by Romano Felmang

Romano Felmang was born in 1941 in Rome, Italy. He made his debut in comics in 1964, drawing titles like 'Fantax', 'Wampiroo', 'The Invisible Woman', 'Johnny Beat', 'Kriminal', 'Belfagor', 'Silman' and 'Phantom'. Following the success of his work, he founded the Cartoonstudio in 1968, providing work and space for a new generation of comic artists. During the 1970s, Romano Felmang produced pocket comics such as 'Sylvie', 'Oltre Tomba', 'Loana', 'Makabar', 'Zip' and 'Sabata', but his main activity was creating stories for several magazines like Intrepido, Monello, Bliz, Albo dell'Intrepido, Skorpio and Lanciostory.

Outside Italy, Romano Felmang worked for publishers like Fleetway in England, Lug in France and Pabel-Moewing and Bastei in Germany. He also contributed to magazine TV2000 in Holland. During the 1980s, he started drawing the Swedish 'Phantom', originally created by Lee Falk, which was published in several other countries.

The Phantom, by Romano Felmang

interview with Romano Felmang

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