Manolo e Irene by Manel Ferrer
Manolo e Irene #2 (1979)

Manel Ferrer Estany, who signed with Manel, began his career working for Josep Toutain's comic agency Selecciones Ilustradas in 1961. He created several comics for Cavall Fort in the 1960s, including 'El Nasi', 'Els Cepats' and 'De Balaguer a Kum-Ram'. He is the creator of 'Manolo e Irene'. These characters appeared in different publications, such as the satirical magazines El Papus and El Jueves. They also gave name to their own magazine. It was first published by Dronte in 1979 then the author self published it. Manolo, Irene or both of them featured in short stories in which sex was the motive of hilarious situations.

comic for Mata Ratos by Manel Ferrer
Mata Ratos #45 (1977)

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