Phyllis - Our Dumb Blonde, by Arthur Ferrier (2/3/1941)
Phyllis - Our Dumb Blonde (2/3/1941)

While working in Glasgow, Scotland, as an analytical chemist, Arthur Ferrier freelanced cartoons to the Daily Record. When Ferrier moved to London, he began to draw joke cartoons for Punch, London Opinion, The Humorist and other weekly magazines. In the 1930s he started his first weekly strip 'Film Fannie'. With this strip he was the pioneer of the glamour girl cartoon in Britain.

Film Fannie, by Arthur Ferrier

When his newspaper contract ended in 1939, he created another girl in 'Our Dumb Blonde' for the Sunday Pictorial. This ran for seven years. In 1945, Ferrier started 'Spotlight on Sally', and his only attempt at a daily strip, 'Eve', ran from 1953. Arthur Ferrier died on 27 May, 1973.

Spotlight on Sally, by Arthur Ferrier

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