Ian Kalendine by Ferry
Ian Kalendine

Ferry van Vosselen is a Belgian artist who publishes under his first name, Ferry. He studied advertising at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc in Liège for four years, before the took on a study in art history at the Ghent University. He has always had a strong passion for history, and especially archaeology, which is reflected in his work. He made his debut in Le Soir, where he published the short western 'Le Relais' with text by Daniel Janssens. He continued his collaboration with Le Soir with the story 'Savary' in 1974.

Les Chroniques de Panchrysia
Les Chroniques de Panchrysia

After an appearance in the Belgian edition of Pilote, he turned to Tintin, where started out doing several short medieval comics and the series 'Cédric'. He teamed up with writer Yves Duval to create several short stories about historical disasters, which were collected in the album 'Les Grandes Catastrophes' in 1984. Between 1977 and 1992 Ferry and writer Jean-Luc Vernal created the historical fantasy series 'Ian Kalédine', one of the first comics that mixed science fiction with fantasy and also mythology. In 1993, he began the series 'Les Chroniques de Panchrysia', which ran for five books until 1999. As a scenarist, Ferry has written 'Le Gardien de la Lance' for Ersel and 'Les Chasseurs de Rêves' for Arnaud Leterrier, both published by Glénat. In 1997, he won the Bronzen Adhemar, the official Flemish Community Cultural Prize for Comics.

Ferry was also a teacher at the Sint-Lucas School of Arts in Ghent. Shortly after his retirement from this school, he was asked to become the new artist for Jacques Martin's classic series 'Alix', in alternation with Christophe Simon. The first book drawn by Ferry appeared in 2009.

During the Middelkerke Comics Festival of 2011, Ferry was awarded the Golden Pencil for his work on 'Ian Kalendine' and the Jacques Martin series.

comic art by Ferry

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